During these continually changing and challenging times, our office has received several inquiries regarding the viral filter efficiency of our products. Specifically, we are receiving questions concerning the filter medium used in our one-way valves. Through our continued commitment to high health and safety standards, the majority of our masks and face shields contain HEPA filters manufactured by 3M®. These filters are among the most effective on the market for barrier devices, and offer over 99% bacterial and viral filtration efficiency. Additionally, please note that these products have not changed due to the Covid-19 pandemic; but rather, they remain an integral part of our high-quality product line. CPR-Pro products which include items 2000, 2025HS, 2050, 3000, and 2030, all contain a 3M® HEPA filter.

CPR training guidelines and regulations are rapidly changing and evolving to ensure safety of all staff and participants. Accordingly, many customers now require masks and valves that contain filters, and that are appropriate for one-time use. The products listed above serve to meet these requirements and can be conveniently retained by participants after course use when purchased with a hard-shell case or nylon pouch.

Our office remains open during these times of uncertainty to answer questions by email or phone, and we continue to wish health and safety for our valued customers.