• Act First CPR

    247 E Central Street
    Franklin, Massachusetts, United States
    Phone: 1-800-255-5660
    Email: support@actfirstcpr.com
    Website: http://www.actfirstcpr.com
  • Imagine: A Center for Community and the Arts

    23 Bay State Rd.
    Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States
    Phone: 617-661-0077
    Email: imaginecambridge@gmail.com

    American Heart Association (AHA) Certified Heartsaver CPR & First Aid Courses are offered at Imagine (23 Bay State Road in Cambridge) on the second Sunday of each month. A discount of $5 is available for two or more students who sign up together.
    - CPR Courses ($50) will include lifesaving techniques for Infant/Child/Adult CPR, use of Automated External Defibrillator (AED,) dislodging a foreign object from the airway, rescue breathing and more. Hands on practice helps in learning life saving techniques.
    - First Aid Courses ($45) address numerous health and safety issues where intervention at the early stages can be critical to a positive outcome for the victim.
    - A new AHA requirement is that participants have the student workbook available for class. The combined Heartsaver CPR & First Aid Student Workbook may be purchased online or at Imagine for $16. If you already have the book please bring it to class. We will have a limited number to borrow as well.

    To sign up, please email imaginecambridge@gmail.com. Thank you!