Company Profile

Founded in 2001 has become a leading global supplier of high quality first aid supplies. Offering an affordable selection of protective devices, we enable rescue professionals to maintain hygienic safety while providing respiratory and life saving assistance in emergency situations. Our company continues to set itself apart in an ever changing marketplace by stocking the largest selection of CPR barrier devices available as well as full customization on most of our products.

With offices in the U.S, Canada and Europe we are able to continually offer rapid order turn around times in conjuction with efficient and cost effective shipping options to our 11,000 worldwide customers.

Our Team:

Vladimir HuzlPresident / CEO

Vladimir Huzl

Vladimir started CPR-Pro in 2001 by recognizing a need for personal protective gear that facilitates the practice of safe CPR to become more readily available. After successfully selling hundreds of masks he expanded his product line to include options and accessories that are even more portable and diverse.

Outstanding customer service and value continue to be personal goals. This is reflected in not having a single dissatisfied customer in over 12 years of business.


Susanne MarksCustomer Service Manager

Susanne Marks

Joining CPR-Pro in 2006 Susanne is an integral member of our management team. Supervising our customer service department and responsible for overseeing all day to day operations, she is able to draw on her vast amount of industry knowledge to run both areas with the highest degree of proficiency. Susanne makes it a priority to ensure that each customer receives an enjoyable and hassle free experience while working with us.