Rescuer® Silicone Reusable Bag Valve Mask

Rescuer® Silicone reusable bag valve mask (BVM). Available in 3 sizes. Adult, Child & Infant.
Accessories available: PEEP Valve, BVM Filter & Replacement Masks

Product ID: 4050

Adult Size Each USD $65.00
Child Size Each USD $60.00
Infant Size Each USD $55.00

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- Reusable
- Textured silicone bag with positive grip and sensitive response to compliance
- Versatile 360°swivel for facemask or endotrachial tube
- Child and neonate bags with 40cm safety pressure release valve
- Clear non-rebreathing patient valve
- Folds into compact convenient size
- Full range of accessories (Adult, Child & Infant size facemasks, PEEP valve)
- Designed to meet A.S.T.M. and European standards
- Durable silicone bag and mask with polycarbonate fittings
- Autoclavable
- Complete with reservoir bag and O2 tubing
- Latex Free

FDA approved & registered. Country of Origin: Canada

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  • FDA Approved: Yes
  • Shelf Life: 5 Years